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Categorisation of Mutual Funds

As per SEBI latest guidelines, mutual fund schemes are broadly classified as below

  • 1. Equity Schemes
  • 2. Debt Schemes
  • 3. Hybrid Schemes
  • 4. Solution Oriented Schemes – For Retirement and Children
  • 5. Other Schemes – Index Funds & ETFs and Fund of Funds

Classification of Funds:

Equity Mutual Fund Hybrid Mutual Fund Debt Mutual Fund
Flexi cap fund Conservative Hybrid Fund Liquid fund
ELSS fund Balanced Hybrid Fund Ultra short duration fund
Large cap fund Aggressive Hybrid Fund Low duration fund
Large & midcap Fund Dynamic asset allocation Money market fund
Midcap Fund Multi Asset allocation  Short Duration fund
Small cap fund Arbitrage fund Medium Duration fund
Dividend yield fund Equity savings Medium to Long term  duration fund
Value fund   Long duration fund
Contra Fund   Dynamic bond fund
Focused fund   Corporate bond fund
Sectoral/Thematic fund   Credit risk fund
    Banking & PSU debt fund
    Gilt fund
    Floater bond fund